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Lebanon, a blend of the present and past, has something in store for each visitor. Its fast cities, old towns, historical sites, authentic Lebanon hotels, ski Lebanon resorts, world heritage sites, and many more interesting locations offer a wide range of holiday options. It is a land of spectacular Mediterranean coastline, stunning mountain ranges, rich and ancient history, with friendly and warm-hearted people.

Entertainment is a rich part of social life in Lebanon, with traditional dances such as the dabbke and sword dances being immensely popular.

The western coast of Lebanon has a wide array of beach locations for a relaxing getaway; and the famous Békaa Valley is one of Lebanon's highlights - home to an abundance of agriculture, great wineries and the ancient Baalbek, often referred to as the City of the Sun during the Greco-Roman times. Use one of the many Beirut hotels as the perfect base to explore this amazing country.

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Lebanon offers a wide choice of places to stay , ranging from budget hotels in Beirut to 5 star resorts. Mostl accommodation is located in the cities like Beirut, Jounieh, Tripoli, Saida and Tyre, but you can also book some charming mountain lodges and connect with local people. The perfect way to do this is by taking a local tour when you arrive. You can also use your Lebanon map to help you choose your hotel in Lebanon based on location. If you still don't find what you're looking for, then feel free to drop us an email to [email protected] and we will swiftly revert and provide you with advice and guidance.

Almost every sport is represented in Lebanon, including golf, skiing in Faraya, tennis, water skiing and yachting. The Beirut race course, set in its pine woods, is a favourite with race goers. Only in Lebanon can you swim in the sea in winter as well as spring and an hour later ski at 1,900 metres. Lebanon is thus one of the few winter sports centres in the Middle East. The coastline between Tripoli and Sidon is punctuated by all kinds of leisure facilities from well equipped hotels in Lebanon and swim resorts and family run fish restaurants to luxurious condominiums. All of this means there is an abundance of exciting things you can see and do during your trip.

The city of Tyre, founded during the early third millennium BC, is located in Lebanon. The New Testament of the Bible holds many references to this city. Tyre also houses some of the best examples of ancient architecture. In 1979, UNESCO declared Tyre as a World Heritage Site.

Despite the strife-ridden events of the recent past, the Central District of Beirut best reflects the progressive spirit of the local population, with office buildings and modern structures lining the block. Contrastingly, Old Beirut paints a conservative picture with its old covered marketplaces (souks), which are being renovated using authentic methods. The ancient Turkish style bath located at Al-Nouzha reveals another facet of the past. The National Museum of Beirut is busy adding artefacts to its already intriguing collection. For a refreshing change, visit Raouche on the west coast of Beirut. Stroll along the coast, take a look at the Pigeon Rocks out at sea and enjoy the charm of Tripoli, with its predominantly Arabian influence.

At the base of the Crusader citadel in Tripoli, you could have a look at many of the old mosques - the Taynal, Al-Qartâwiyat Madrassa, Al-Muallaq Burtasiyat Madrassa, and the Great Mosque, all located in the medieval centre of the city. Make sure you visit the Island of Palm Trees, off the coast of Tripoli. This island is a UNESCO nature reserve, housing many species of rare birds and green turtles.

Travel back in time to experience the glory of the Roman, Phoenician, Canaanite, Crusader and Hellenistic eras. Byblos, known as the most ancient town on earth, is a delight for historians, with excavation sites yielding artefacts from the Neolithic to Crusader times. Enjoy a boat ride at the harbour. You could also visit the sea castle at Sidon, which is a small port. This stone structure was built from the remnants of Roman architecture in the region.

Your visit to Lebanon is not complete without a trip to Baalbek, situated close to the border with Syria, where temples from the Roman era still stand high and intact. The magnificent Temple of Jupiter with its towering columns forms the backdrop of this temple complex.

Use your holiday to Lebanon to experience other beautiful destinations in the region such as Dubai , Ski Dubai and Jordan. The Lebanese are a multi-faith, multi-ethnic people. Arabic is the official language, but English and French are also widely spoken. The two main religions are Islam and Christianity. The Lebanese are known the world over to be vibrant, spirited, well-meaning and truly hospitable people - something any visitor would love to experience. has sorted out the best deals in several hotels in Lebanon spread throughout the country. You can book your hotel in Beirut, in the mountains and even in remote rural areas. Lebanon has a lot to offer and our greatest pleasure would be to guide through your booking and recommend the most suitable Lebanon tours based on your location of stay.

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