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"Massabki Hotel" was recently renovated to exact international standards and represented by the 4 stars "A" classification.

Massabki Hotel Chtaura, according to order number 4221 stated by the ministry of tourism, is considered to be one of the best historical hotel institutions.

Massabki Hotel visitors are of high standards, from presidents to kings, ministers, scientists and poets. Of the prestigious Lebanese and Arab personalities we state: His majesty king Fayssal the second, President Choukri Kouwatly, Seif of el Islam king of Yemen his majesty El-Hajj El Housayny, Azzam Bacha, Fawzi Slou, Abdel Halim Khaddam, President Bechara El Khoury, President Alfred Naccach, President Charles Helou, President Elias El Herawi, President Riyal el Solh, Abdalla el Yafi, Saeb Salam, Sabri Hamad, Ahmad and Kamel el Assad, Egyptian Royal group.
Of the prestigious Western personalities, mostly French we state: Prime minister Edward Haryo, President Paul Renault, Minister Georges Bido, Prince Andre and Princess Irene of Greece, Minister Julien, General Spears, members of the American congress.
Of the Poets, Press, Religious and singers from the Arab and west we state: Andre Gide, Pierre Benoit, Gerome Tarou, Georges Duhawjel, members of French literature academy. Ahmad Chawki, Khalil Motran, Mohammad Abdel Wahab, Najib Hankach, Patriarch Alexei of Russian, Patriarch Tahhan, Catolikos Karikin.

All of these Personalities left their signature in the Golden Hotel Register, which was described by the poet Georges Chehadi as the "Oasis of Friendship". Upon every renovation we make sure to keep.

Located in Chtoura, the biggest commercial and business center in the Bekaa within easy access to all entertainment and leisure centers.


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Hotel Address: Chtaura, Bekaa

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Located in Chtaura.