About Us

lebanon.travel is a Lebanese Internet Tour Operator, providing accommodations, tours and other tourism services online. Everything from the trip to lodging and activities can be included into one package. And since Internet commerce is not only just about online sales, we strive to offer our visitors more than just a website, but a complete travel portal.

Our company Grey Matter which own and runs lebanon.travel has been pioneering online travel business in Lebanon since 1997. It started with the launch of the first Skiing in Lebanon portal www.skileb.com. Through these past 15years, Grey Matter successfully launched and operarted several themed websites like LebanonTourism.com, SkiDubai.com and SkiCyprus.com

Our mission is to provide a pleasant booking experience and an unprecedented customer care. Our other focus is on publishing the lowest room rates available on the Internet by maintaining an excellent relationship with our accommodation suppliers, but also by promoting efficiency within our team and relying on very advanced booking systems.

In parallel to the fun that take in servicing our bookings, we highly believe in sustainable tourism and we actively work with several local communities to promote traditional making of food and crafts and help them resell and export their products worldwide through the Internet. So during your next stay in Lebanon, we will be surely proposing a visit to one of the local markets to meet these communities and contribute in helping them sustain and develop. For this purpose we have launched a Lebanon Shopping site dedicated to sell Lebanese crafts and products.

We are committed to help you achieve a lifetime experience in Lebanon, to make you love this country and want to come back again. To obtain more information on a hotel, to get advice or simply to provide your feedback, email us anytime on [email protected]

We are your local connection in Lebanon!


Ronald is the founder of Grey Matter and holds engineering degrees. He started his career in software engineering but his passion for skiing and e-commerce led him to launch his first travel portal www.skileb.com back in 1997. His hobby soon evolved into a successful e-tourism business after gaining more and more web exposure and servicing thousands of guests online. Ron is often found accompanying guests during their visits and tours to the various attractions that Lebanon has to offer.

When placing a booking you will be surprised by the quality-timely reply of Pia, the Reservations Manager. Pia holds a degree in Marketing & Management, and took the challenge of playing a leading role in this exciting new field of online tourism.

Pia is known to be courteous, prompt and helpful at every step of the booking cycle and is always ready to assist the guests during their stay in Lebanon. She loves to be bothered, be it for an accommodation request, to plan a tour or just to ask for advice.