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Located between 900 and 2800m above sea level, in the district of Keserwan, Kfardebian the highest village in the region, covers a vast surface of 40km2; thus making it one of the biggest villages in Lebanon.

Your hostel is few minutes away from the Mzaar and Faqra ski resorts of Lebanon. During the summer it's a paradise for hikers and nature lovers. Kfardebian is renowned for its agricultural products, and its fragrant honey. Kfardebian is also rich in water, with the two essential springs supplying the village: "Neba el Laban" and "Neba el Assal". Phoenician and Roman ruins of Fakra and a wonderful natural bridge make Kfardebian historical village.

Your host Josephine and her team, has dedicated all their life to instruct and spread the value and benefits of nature. Auberge Beity offers you a variety of educational, cultural, social and culinary activities that engage you in a fantastic and adventurous world of nature and its preservation all year round.