Byblos International Festival

Place: Byblos Mena area  (30 Jun 2013 - 26 Jul 2013 )

Byblos International festival 2013Once again, Byblos International Festival is true to the heritage of Jbeil, a crossroads where all cultures feel at home. Our 2013 edition will feature artists from Greece, Finland, the US, the UK, Spain, Germany and Lebanon with a repertoire ranging from rock to world, pop, flamenco, metal, Arabic song and opera.






The program:

June 30 & Jul 1: Yanni
July 4: Nightwish
July 8: Ceelo Green
July 10: Lana Del Ray
July 13: Pet Shop Boys
July 17: Rahbani Summer nights
July 22: Paco de lucia
July 26: Scorpions