Food & Cuisine in Lebanon

If you do get invited to a Lebanese home for a meal, make sure you attend it, come what may. The spread will be lavish, the food, sumptuous and the company, truly hospitable. But if you are one of the many tourists looking for a good restaurant in Lebanon, be sure that every one of them will serve up some delicious food for your travelling soul! In the following sections, we have attempted to give you a brief synopsis of Lebanon's Restaurants.

Try the traditional mezzes, eat a hot plate of hummus with khibbiz and wash it down with Arak, a clear aniseed-flavoured liquor!

Just reading our Lebanon Restaurant Guide below will make you hungry! So, after some Shopping for presents from Lebanon, relax in beautiful surroundings and taste a variety of dishes from the restaurant of your choice.

Lebanon Food & Restaurant Guide

The world famous Lebanese hors d'oeuvres that are locally called mezzes are something to hold-out for. The course is awesome, from the hot pita breads and khibbiz to hummus and baba ghanoush. Then there is the very tempting falafel with tahini sauce, tabouleh, and the savoury lebneh.

We all know that traditional Lebanese meals are a multi-course affair, complete with lamb and chicken shawarma and kafta meshwi, both typical entre's, accompanied by platters of fresh fruit, bowls of roasted nuts, and a tray of bakhlawa for dessert.

If you are eating out, a multi-course Lebanese meal can be quite expensive, but it is definitely worth every cent! In Beirut, the Achrafiyeh area is a good bet for fashionable restaurants serving delicious Lebanese or international cuisine. Try Abdul Wahad for an amazing Lebanese meal. A mid-range option is Istanbuli in Hamra, just near the Mayflower Beirut Hotel. If you have a smaller appetite, head for a takeaway, delivery, or dine-ins selling shawarma or falafel sandwiches, yogurts and salads. Not to forget also Lebanese sweets , widely available in shops around the town.

A tasty take-away similar to the Indian roti wrap or the Greek yiros are Chicken or beef shawarma sandwiches, which are served rolled up with french fries in pita bread. Falafel is also served in pita bread with a yogurt sauce and sometimes lettuce and tomato. Both the traditional Lebanese meal and the snackshop variety can be found all over Lebanon, with some regional differences and flair.

Just like in any other European city, Lebanons cafe' scene is very popular, if not almost a lifeline of the F&B industry. One could spend an entire leisurely afternoon reading, people-watching, or simply watching the world go by. Be sure to have a freshly squeezed orange juice or a strong Lebanese cuppa coffee. Cheers!