Shopping in Lebanon

Shopping in Lebanon affords every tourist a gimpse into its traditional culture, delicate craftsmanship and lends that extra touch of class. You could expect to see its beautifully crafted pottery, glassware, cutlery, brass and copper ware with attractive designs. Traditional garments like the very exotic caftans and abayas (a crossing between nightgown and housecoat) are great gifts to take along for friends and family. Jewellery is also quite popular with the tourists, as the prices are quite affordable, and the workmanship is exquisite. The hammered copper trays with arabesque designs are must-buys. In the following sections, we have attempted to give you a brief synopsis of Lebanon's shopping scene.

Lebanon has everything you could ask for from clothes for the common person to top-end designer wear. Jewellery is also quite popular, as are traditional garments like the very exotic caftans and abayas!

Go beserk as you go shopping in Lebanon! Read on and we will tell you all you need to know to get the best deals and best places to shop. After a long day shopping, drop into one of the many Lebanon Restaurants for a meal.

Lebanon Shopping Guide

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If you're looking for clothing, well, Lebanon has everything you could ask for from clothes for the common person to top-end designer wear. The shopping arcades in Lebanon and major streets are busy and bursting at the seems with shoppers buying from every available store. Then of course, there are those window shoppers who just love to be inside a shopping mall! Whatever your taste in shopping, Lebanon has it for you.

A must visit is the large trendy shopping centres in the Verdun area, the designer stores in the Solidere area, or enjoying a leisurely stroll down Rue Hamra, a shopping-lover's delight. For traditional ware, head to the ancient cities of Tripoli, Sidon, and Tyre. Also check out the Ministry of Tourism sponsored artisan shop near the Corniche.

You can also find numerous world class vineyards in Lebanon. A couple of the more famous ones include Chateau Kefraya and Chateau Ksara. If you have a sweet tooth, then some of the Lebanese sweets are just scrumptious, and are often wrapped and packed so that you can take them around with you. Lebanon supports its own melange of fashion and furniture designers, artists, and photographers, whose work can be viewed in galleries and shops.

Major Shopping Areas:

Arax Street: Located 1km away from the capital Beirut, Bourj Hamoud is known as a one of the most important shopping centers in Lebanon. It is a center of crafts and hand made industry such as jewellery, leather made industry garments.

Ashrafieh Markets: Ashrafieh is considered an important tourist outlet in Beirut where a great number of restaurants, coffee shops and nightclubs are located, in addition to all kinds of shopping malls and outlets.

Downtown Beirut: The famous market at the Martyr's Place known as Souk el Barghout is where hundreds of tourists pass by and enjoy a delightful meal or a cup of coffee at the enjoyable outdoor cafes available. Whether you are shopping for traditional crafts, jewellery, perfumes, souvenirs such as a narghile or water pipe or just everyday needs, the Souk el Barghout should be your first stop.

Kaslik Markets: One of Lebanon's most prestigous streets. The hubnub of Lebanon's young and old fun lovers. Best fashion shops, restaurants and nightclubs. Special pages on businesses.

Zouk Old Souk: A pedestrian area surrounded by arcaded shops. Among Zouk's most famous artisanal products are its textiles woven on traditional looms, as well as its marzipan sweets made of almond and sugar dough.

Zalka Street: Zalka shopping district offers a wide choice of Lebanese and International brands in a never-ending avenue of boutiques and shops, not to mention its various cafes and restaurants.

Verdun: Verdun in West Beirut is the number one shopping neighbourhood full of boutiques, independent labels and trendy cafe. For European and American brands, Verdun is the place to be.

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