Transportation in Lebanon

Lebanon is a tiny country, most of which, is serviced by adequate means of transportation. The cities are better connected and traffic is heavy. Most people use service taxis to get around, a huge number of which, run like buses on set routes. These vehicles carry about five passengers, each of whom, chips in for a fifth of the fare. Private taxis are a more traditional approach, where the passengers pay a negotiated fare.

Tourists must watch out for pirate taxi drivers scouting around for a fast buck. Therefore it is highly advisable to book your airport transfers in advance. We provide transfers to hotels in Beirut like the InterContinental Phoenicia as well as accommodation outside the capital like Batroun Village Club or the Terre Brune Hotel in the ski resort.

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Lebanon Transportation Guide

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Depending on the numbers of persons, can provide you with 4-seater or 7-seater cars and buses. A round trip airport transfer to your hotel in Beirut typically costs US$20 by car and around US$50 for a bus. Beirut airport is five kilometres south of the city centre.

Rental Cars

Car rental in Lebanon offers many advantages. It is economical, and provides one with autonomy and mobility 24 hours a day. Car rental companies usually offer a wide variety of car models, categories and rates, as well as an optional private driver. can deliver your car right at the airport. Call us on +961.70.103222 or email us for a quote.

By Air

The national airline of Lebanon is Middle East Airlines, which operates nine direct flights per week from London to Beirut. Further information can be obtained from the Middle East Airlines office in the UK (tel: (020) 7758 9000 (general enquiries) or (reservations) 7493 5681). For more information, please visit

For transport from the airport to the city (or from the city to the airport), we recommend Green Path Transfers, who offer eco-friendly airport transfers in hundreds of destinations around the world.

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