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At the Motel El Sayad you can enjoy the panoramic views and the peace and quiet of the region. This great experience is completed while dining and tasting the unique savor of the locally cultivated food. Akkar is known for its wide green fields of vegetables. Being there is like going back to our grandparents roots experiencing the true rural life.

Motel El Sayad is located in the top of a hill in Beino village overlooking the green valleys of Akkar, North of Lebanon. A splendid getaway for nature lovers seeking peaceful, yet active stay.


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Hotel Address: Center, Akkar

Getting there

Motel El Sayad is located in Beino village north of Lebanon, around 40 kilometers from the city of Tripoli.It is nested at the foothills of the mountain chain better known as Qammoua. You may reach the village by taking the road from Tripoli via Halba.